Pei Medical Society Master Agreement

The PEI Medical Society Master Agreement: What You Need to Know

The PEI Medical Society Master Agreement is an essential document for doctors and medical professionals practicing in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for physicians working in the province`s publicly funded healthcare system.

The Master Agreement was last negotiated and ratified in 2019, after months of negotiations between the PEI Medical Society and the government of Prince Edward Island. The agreement is a result of a collective bargaining process to ensure that doctors working in the province receive fair compensation and working conditions.

One of the key aspects of the agreement is compensation. It outlines specific fee schedules for medical services provided by physicians, ensuring that doctors are paid fairly for the work they do. This includes items such as office visits, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and consultations.

In addition to compensation, the Master Agreement also sets out guidelines for working conditions and professional obligations. This includes things such as work hours, vacation time, and continuing education requirements. The agreement also includes provisions for dispute resolution and grievance procedures if there are issues between physicians and the government or healthcare system.

While the Master Agreement applies to all physicians working in the PEI healthcare system, individual doctors may have their own contracts with specific hospitals or healthcare organizations. These contracts may include additional provisions, but cannot override the terms outlined in the Master Agreement.

Overall, the PEI Medical Society Master Agreement is an essential document for doctors working in Prince Edward Island`s healthcare system. It ensures fair compensation, outlines working conditions and professional obligations, and provides a system for dispute resolution. As such, it plays a critical role in ensuring the province`s healthcare system is fair and effective for both patients and medical professionals alike.

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